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What do you do when you receive notice from an agent that they are leaving your brokerage because things are not going right for them?  Don’t you wish that you could do more for your departing agent other than shaking their hand and wishing them well?  Will you ever see that agent again?  Why not tell them about Park and Protect?  Your agent will be grateful that you have a way to help them keep their real estate license active while they take some time to reassess their real estate career.  We have options for MLS® brokers to retain agents!

We are NOT an MLS® brokerage but we do want to be your partner and add value to your brokerage and help you retain your agents!  After all, what’s the worst thing that can happen?  Your agent has already left, has removed themselves from your revenue stream, but now you can offer them more than a cursory farewell and a warm handshake.  Tell your agent about Park and Protect and how they can park their license until they are ready to come back to your brokerage.  Needless to say, we will do everything we can to encourage your agent to return to your MLS® brokerage when they decide to re-enter the business, full-time.

There is a Solution!

We want to be your “go to” real estate brokerage partner when you need options and solutions for your agents.  Recommending Park and Protect to your outgoing agents will not only show that you care and want the best for them, but you will earn yourself a great deal of goodwill.  We know that well over sixty percent of new agents quit within the first two years and a big reason is those agents have no clients and high operating costs.  Help your outgoing agents by encouraging them to keep their license active, seek referral business, and work with their existing leads.  Since they kept their license active and still worked part-time on lead generation and prospecting, your former agents will need the support that your brokerage can offer them sometime in the future.

Real estate is a sales business with billions of dollars of available inventory where individual purchases are in the hundreds of thousands!  You have probably sold millions of dollars of properties in your career, so selling the idea of parking a license to your outgoing agents for a low fee should be a sale that can be closed with ease.  Think of us as what we are; a non-compete partner who wants to have a mutually beneficial relationship that will positively contribute to both brokerages’ future success.  Please visit our Bad Fit for Active Agents page to see how we address questions we have from full-time agents who want to join Park and Protect.

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