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Alberta Real Estate License Parking

What is “Parking”?

License and Registration

The Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) licenses all real estate professionals in the province. Contrary to popular belief, real estate brokerages DO NOT license brokers, associate brokers, or associates (agents). Real estate brokerages ONLY register the licenses of industry members, and ALL licenses are held by RECA.  If your Alberta real estate license is inactive and not registered, it is parked with the real estate council.  If you’re asking yourself; “how do I park my license?” you need to contact us for details about licensing and registration.  There are limits as to how long you can be licensed and not registered before your license expires, call or message us, we’re here to help!

REALTOR® license?

Some industry members state they have a “REALTOR® license”, however, they are incorrect because the word “REALTOR®” is NOT a license designation and it only indicates that a provincially licensed real estate professional maintains membership with the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Using the trademarked name shows that an individual belongs to a national trade association and a local real estate board.  In short, “REALTOR®” does NOT indicate the class of real estate license or the jurisdiction agents are licensed to trade real estate in.

Register with Park and Protect

All of this talk about parking and registering licenses, who has licensing authority in the province, and what you can and cannot refer to yourself as can be a little confusing. Are you wondering “is there an Alberta brokerage where  I can park and register my Alberta real estate license quickly and cost-effectively?” of course, you are! After all, that’s why you are here, isn’t it?  You need to join Park and Protect and stop worrying about paying for services and resources you do not use and do not need.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Just fill in the contact form to get in touch with us.  We understand that you might not be a big fan of email or contact forms so give us a call, anytime… 403-689-8589

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As a result of registering your real estate associate’s license with Park and Protect you will not have to pay board fees or provincial or national association fees. In short, regardless of your situation, we’re here for you.  Are you ready to join?



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